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Eggs-Port is a privately run company with over 30 years commercial experience in the cattle, embryo and semen supply and shipping business. During that time we have developed a strong network of overseas links and alliances.

Based at Hexham in the north of England, Eggs-Port can arrange the whole process from selection, certification, and transport through to payment and delivery. We offer a professional personal service to match your requirements taking particular case of health status, breeding and quality.


Registered Aberdeen Angus cattle and their genetics are a major part of the business. Eggs-Port is involved in the selection and shipping of pedigree cattle throughout Europe for a number of breeding programmes.

Eggs-Port can source, supply and ship quality bovine embryos of all breeds worldwide when certification permits. All aspects from breeding selection through to insurance and shipping and registration paperwork can be taken care of. Regular imports to the UK from Canada, USA, Australasia and EU. By using Eggs-Port you can benefit from our experience and negotiated rates.

“We have worked with Eggs-Port on a number of projects exporting live cattle to mainland Europe and importing embryos from Canada and New Zealand. The advice received from Eggs-Port, along with their ability and knowledge to deal with procedures and protocols has been invaluable. Working with Eggs-Port has been a pleasant experience and of great benefit to our business” J Playfair, Tofts.


Shipping genetics overseas can appear very attractive and readily available, however due to extensive veterinary regulations which vary country to country, shipping genetic material is particularly complicated. By using Eggs-Port you can benefit from our experience and specially negotiated rates for shipping and insurance.
Discuss any potential project with us first to avoid falling into the hidden traps of shipping and expenses.


Eggs-Port offers a sales service for privately collected bull semen, making sales on the world mar-ket a reality. Taking care of both our customers and suppliers has given us a high rate of repeat business over the years.

Contact us with your interest in specific breeds—as a supplier or a buyer.


Fastract is a unique, efficient and cost-effective formulated range of products containing selected beneficial bacteria, yeasts and vitamins working together for natural good health, performance and immunity in animals. Fastract improves digestibility and nutrient absorption of all animals’ diets.

The Fastract product range includes :

  • Jump Start for newborn animals, at any time when appetite is poor or at the first sign of illness.
    Price guide – less than £2/calf.
  • Ruminant Paste which has an excellent reputation for use at any time of digestive disorder, or loss of appetite.
    Price guide – less than £2/adult cow.
  • Performance – to be top dressed on feed on a daily basis to gain maximum value from the animals’ diet, without digestive upset.

“Jump Start just gives our calves a better start than anything else we have tried and really does the job” S Capewell

“Our calves are brighter and sharper,, we just don’t need scour treatments any more” Mrs Watts.

“Fastract Jump Start is part of our routine with new born calves and I wouldn’t be without it”
Mrs Hammersley

Years of experience caring for valuable animals have resulted in the Fastract and Vitamin Gel product ranges which are formulated and manufactured exclusively for Eggs-Port.

What does Fastract do?

Helps balance digestion and so ease stomach problems. Helps maximise nutrient value of all feed, so can be added to any diet.

When should I use it?

Feed Performance daily for a great looking horse, comfortable in their skin. JumpStart gel is invaluable for picky feeders, newborn foals, travelling horses or any time appetite is poor.

Alpaca Vitamin Gel

Now including Triple D, Eggs-Port Triple D Vitamin Gel given by mouth is the kindest and easiest way to make sure each animal has all the vitamins they need. Triple D delivers Vitamin D quickly and efficiently.   Triple D Vitamin Gel also contains vitamins A, C,E,B12 and K, combined with calcium and phosphorus in a distinctive pink coloured high energy gel.  

Available in economic 300ml tubes, or convenient 60ml dial-a-dose syringes.

“Eggs-Port’s Alpaca Gel is the original and the best.”